The San Diego Safari Park has baby elephants!  When we arrived at the Safari Park on August 17 the first thing we learned at the gate to parking was about the five day old baby elephant.  Hearing this we headed straight over to see the new guy.  His name is Umzula-zuli, he’s called Zuli.  It […]

dead tree, black and white

From 2013 one of my favorite images from our local mountains. This tree is no longer exists. It toppled and I assume it was removed to prevent it from being an accelerant in the event of a wildfire. The draught has changed the landscape of California. This tree is a haunting reminder and also feels […]

National Cat Day was created to bring awareness to homeless cats.  I’ve been photographing cats and kittens at The Orphanage in Claremont, California.  The Orphanage is part of the Priceless Pets Rescue.  The rescue is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding homes for dogs, cats and a variety of other small animals.  The animals are […]

Border collie profile of dog resting.

It’s been three years since my last post. The statement reads like a confession. I kept reading that consistency was of paramount importance when writing a blog. I’ve been consistently absent. A lot has happened in three years but mostly I quit the blog because I ran out of space and wasn’t sure I wanted […]